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  • Author: HappyTraveler
  • Date Posted: Mar 31, 2015
  • Category:
  • Address: Portland, Maine

I’m in Nairobi, and I get a call.  My very close friend Don Horsley is dying (heart, blood cancer).  He has “2 weeks – 2 months” to live, and his daughter thinks it may be quicker than that.  So…I need to get there, regardless of the cost and disruption to this journey, right.  I mean, friends and love are the only thing that matter.  Plus, when I talked to Don on the phone he said he wanted me there.

Don Horsley was a very close friend of mine, who died too young. Because of the quick thinking of his daughter, who called me in Nairobi, I was able to get back and spend 3 days with Don before he did. My obituary and eulogy for Don is here

Don Horsley

Don Horsley

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