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Well! My first censorship issue with the Chinese government arises the first day I’m here.  Evidently, many of the sites I use to communicate with everyone (including Google, my email accounts on Google, and Facebook) are being blocked. I can’t get to them. I get a server timeout when I try to access them. And updating my WordPress site takes a LOOOOONG time. Grrr..

I’ll try to work around this (I have some ideas about US proxies and cloaking), but my posts may be delayed for awhile. And if you email me, I may not be able to get it. Viber, the smartphone/desktop chat app, seems to work, so if you’re so inclined, look me up there.

If anyone has some bright ideas, let me know.  By the way, it COULD be my wifi connection, but I’m in the Marriott Beijing and they seem not so sketchy.

Thanks, Chinese government!


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