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Ifrane:  The Moroccan Alps

Ifrane: The Moroccan Alps

  • Author: HappyTraveler
  • Date Posted: May 4, 2015
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  • Address: Ifrane, Morocco

Ifrane is a town and region just a bit south of Fes;  in fact I took a day tour from Fes.  It is pretty high up in the Atlas mountains, 5,400 feet, in what is sometimes called Berber country (my Casablanca host family iss of that culture and they preferred the term Tamaziɣ.)   Very green and lush in the summer, and snowy in the winter.  Iframe even has it’s own monkey:  the Barbary Macaque!   These pictures may not seem like Morocco to you, but I assure you, on the grave of my son’s pet rat, Ratso, that this IS Morocco.


There were FIELDS of these red flowers everywhere. This was in early May, so I guess at that altitude we can call them spring flowers?


This is one reason they call it the Moroccan Alps. For some reason they build houses that look like they belong in the Alps here, and when you spot them through the trees, like this “castle”, you are transported to…well…okay, maybe not the Alps But close cousin of the Alps!


Natural lake…very refreshing!


I took this picture because, along with the wood burning fires they had lit for forest management, the scene just made me think of Tahoe. Really nice.


This too!


And here are the Barbary macaques…. Just hanging out in the tree. These guys are quite popular. There were maybe 20 monkeys, but at least 80 people throwing food to them.


The ubiquitous donkey, in this role he carries kids around for rides. Donkeys, and horses, are all around these Ifrane parks to serve the throngs that come up for the cool air. When Ramadan is during the summer months, many families try to spend it up here. Like this year.


I was stunned to come across this glade. Lots of families out here enjoying their Sunday afternoon. I couldn’t believe this was Morocco. So verdant and lush and cooling.


The cool air coming off this water fall was palpable!


Moroccan family enjoying their Sunday afternoon.

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