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Casablanca:  You’ve Seen The Movie, Right?

Casablanca: You’ve Seen The Movie, Right?

It's Not Like The Movie

  • Author: HappyTraveler
  • Date Posted: Apr 20, 2015
  • Category:
  • Address: Casablanca, Morocco

Stayed here 3 weeks with a fabulous family. They were really warm and the college age children even gave up their room for me. All set up through IVHQ. I won’t talk about the assignment here, but my days were generally spent working in a coffee shop on a couple assignments, and evenings were spent often at the Center when all the kids were there. One day another volunteer and I explored Casablanca and saw the biggest mosque in Africa and ate at Rick’s Café, with no Bogie.


Hassan II Mosque, the largest mosque in Africa


Hassan II Mosque, look at the the person in front of the door to get a sense of how huge this place is.

Casa.03. IslamicDesign

Detail from the tower of the Hassan II mosque.


Dave about the have lunch at Rick’s Cafe.


Inside Ricks! How’s this look compared to what you remember about the movie?


Selllilng produce at the market in the Casablanca medina (market).




I surprised her! Woman doing daily duties of some sort, near the Casablanca medina.


This illustrates Morocco for me perfectly – time, technology, traditions and modernity all clash here. It’s all here in the juxtaposition of the modern tram and the donkey card..

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